Episode 8: The Finale

Watch the official free HD video for Episode 8: The Finale featuring hot pornstars Sloan Harper, Angela White, Sofie Reyez and Xander Corvus. Filmed by Reality Kings.


Well, seamen and seawomen, it’s been a journey. We’ve fapped, we’ve cried… We’ve watched our crew cum from small beginnings to, uh, somewhat big scenes! From humble footjobs to outright nautical thievery, they’ve stopped at nothing to make it big in the adult industry! With profits from Charlie’s table crashing video, the crew has set up their biggest endeavour yet. They’ve got their hands on a massive, beautiful yacht, only outdone by the goddess Angela White, resplendent in her swimsuit as the ocean wind rushes through her hair.

Unmatched curves barely restrained by her swimsuit, Angela is prim, pampered, and ready for Xander to dive deep between her bouncy cheeks. This is it. The crew’s dream! A porn studio with women, money, jet packs, chicken, champagne. Everything! After all the trials and tribbing, Charlie, Connor, Russell, and Sofie have everything ready to return Captain Stabbin’ to its former glory.

What it was made for… Anal adventures on the high seas! And when everything is all shot and completed, when Angela lays in orgasmic bliss with Xander lovingly caressing her cheeks both above and below deck… The crew will have succeeded. With Captain Stabbin’ sailing again, what booty will they seek out next? Ugh, I hate goodbyes… How about “Sea you later”?

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